The Town of Utica, Indiana is located along the mighty Ohio River in 

Southern Indiana.  It has a proud river tradition. Once a bustling center of 

river commerce, because flatboat operators were afraid to travel any 

further down the Ohio River, for fear of going over the Falls of the Ohio 

and certain death.  It has changed gears over the years to become the 

best kept secret around. And great place to live.  Soon, with the opening 

of the I-265 corridor, East End Bridge, the town will undergo another 

evolution. The bridge will connect two major roadways and three major 

industrial centers, providing an economic boost unrivaled anywhere in  

the country.                                                                                             

The town currently consists of the High Meadows, Glen Brook, 

Fox Run, Old Utica, Quarry Bluff and Longview Beach neighborhoods, 

which gives the town a population of about 1100. The town was founded 

by John Noble Wood and officially became a town in 1816 the same year 

Indiana became a state.

In 1997 the town was devastated by an Ohio River flood. FEMA bought 

some 23 properties in the Old Town neighborhood and demolished the 


These empty lots were turn over to the Town of Utica to be utilized as 

"green spaces", for parks and recreation.